Web Games

If there is something that has consistently managed to grab the attention of people, belonging to any age group, right from its very inception, it is games. The coming of the internet transformed gaming into a more serious yet more enjoyable affair. With the 24X7 accessibility, ease of usage, availability at any part of the world, multiplayer capability, portability across multiple platforms and various other exciting features, web games create a sense of heightened thrill and enrapturing aura about them.

Web Game Development at 19Studios

19Studios has earned itself a well established name in the interactive web game development industry over the years. We work solely for the purpose of creating performance packed games and this specialization gives us the power of superior vision to look beyond the normal. We develop web games for the desktop and PCs as well as for the smaller hand held devices.

Flash Game Development

In the beginning, web games were mostly limited to the most basic user interaction through games like quizzes, puzzles and other simple challenges. Flash, redefined web gaming and our game developers were a part of this transition. 19Studios as burgeoned as a leader in cutting-edge Flash game development by creating games that are visually stunning and functionally robust.

 Game Development using HTML5

Flash is a proven hit in the desktop and PC gaming space but with the rising popularity of smartphones as a gaming device, a new hero entered the arena, HTML5. Game developers at 19Studios build enticing web games using HTML5 through tools like Construct2. So not only are the games only available on them but can also be cross compiled to run natively on multiple devices.

 Unity 3D Game Development

When Unity 3D brought the first true hardware-accelerated 3D gaming to the world of the internet, 19Studios readied a highly able and skilled team of Unity 3D developers to enter web gaming using Unity3D. We delivering a seamless 3D web gaming experience, leveraging the power of Unity3D. We elevate your game concept to a more holistic experience by harnessing the thrill of web gaming.

 Facebook Game Development

Online gaming would be incomplete if Social networks were not covered. Facebook has evolved as not only a mere social network but an essential marketing strategy. Having worked extensively for Facebook game development, it has given us the requisite qualification, finesse and vision to learn the tricks and conquer the social media via enthralling games.

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