While designing a software product, there is one thing that is equally if not more important than its features; User Experience. User Experience is the end user’s perception of the product’s usability and utility. A truly good design is one that impacts the business positively while delivering a delightful user experience. Improving this user experience is one of the prime driving factors behind development of all software solutions at 19Studios. Our User Experience design service is guided by a few principles.

Defined Design

The first step to creating a great user experience around any product is adopting the right aapproach. UX design services at 19Studios include crisp clear design strategies. We visualize the product by creating mock ups on multiple platforms while keeping an eye on software functionality.


As a no money no coding first step we sketch a prototype on paper. This ensures a cost effective investment from your end and an effort effective investment from ours. As a next step we do an electronic prototyping where the paper specimen is transfered onto a mock UI. So direct feedback from real users is incorporated into the design, by reducing the number of iterations and therefore the development window.


Designing is not just the designing of the icons or images, it involves a keen focus on functionality. Wireframing, an early design deliverable helps us determine the page layout and how different elements of the code will function when put together. So our UX designs aren’t just pretty looking, they are functionally robust and uniquely designed handle all sorts of business requirements.

User Centered Approach

The real competition in the software market, be it mobile games or apps is among products that are easy to use. 19Studios aims at making mobile games and apps that are consumable. Every design begins with the user and ends with the user. We take direct user inputs even before beginning with development as it is very important to know how customers will interact with and react to the product once it is in their hands.

Visual Design

Information is best retained when imparted visually. At 19Studios, visual design is payed a great deal of importance. Icons, graphics, pictures, layouts, animation, videos, gestures all form the very core of our visual design strategy. We manage to trigger those emotions which make conversions. A compelling visual design is very important to create brand identity and that is where our focus lies.

Interaction Design

While visual information may reveal the purpose of your product, it is not enough to generate customer loyalty. We embed a streak of intuitiveness in our mobile apps and games so that users feel a sense of connection and want to use it more often. Our products deliver that frictionless, smooth, user friendly operation that brings about engagement of prospective users and affinity in existing ones.

UX Research

At 19Studios, we study user requirements and market trends in details. Over the years, we have matured as a reliable user experience design company by carefully aligning your business objectives with the needs of the target audience. So we manage to reduce the learning time but without any compromise on our period of association with you through a support that extends even beyond deployment.

Usability Test

In order to assess the usability and sustainability of any product, it is crucial that it be tested for the same beforehand. We take usability testing very very seriously and have a dedicated team for it. When applied in the early stages of the SDLC, not only does it reduce costs but also saves valuable time. To know more about our usability testing service,

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Ongoing Support

The User Experience Design team at 19Studios is comprised of over 50 UX designers, developers, analysts and consultants. We support clients across diverse geographies hailing from different industries such as retail, education, technology and much more. We provide dependable support for all your UX designing requirements that extends from ongoing support to post deployment maintenance.