Imparting value to your mobile apps

Sure, a mobile presence makes a big difference to the business but the question is, “what good is it if it does not fetch target customers?” At 19Studios, we make sure that in-house apps as well as those entrusted to us for testing purposes are made ready to fix abandonment issues if any. A small set of end users are made to “use” our apps so that usability defects come to the fore. The aim is to provide a flexibility and ease of usage while testing the system’s ability to meet expected objectives. We conduct exhaustive usability testing to get a clear view of what users see and experience when they use our apps and play our games. Testing is among our core disciplines, we practise it religiously to refine our skills and therefore deliver products that users connect to. This results in the much needed brand stickiness and high conversion rates.

How we prepare our apps to be the best

Test the system as a whole.
A planned out data collection process.
We handpick people who are totally unfamiliar with the system under test.
We take negative feedbacks positively and convert them into modifications.
We enlist specific tasks tasks that we think the user should be able to meet.
We believe that users can expose defects that are invisible to us as testers.
Emotional response and customer satisfaction levels are maintained at highest levels.
We encourage usability testing during initial stages of development to gain a visibility of customer requirements.
First of all we ensure that the system is functional and usable from our end and only then conduct a usability test by letting users on.
After establishing a rapport with test subjects, we let them work out the problems faced on their own- We take down everything to make sure absolutely no stone is left unturned.
We think about the “Hows” and work on it – How users would interact with the the app? How can we create user ease? How to derive the best sense out what we are testing? How can we implement more changes? How to eliminate what users don’t like about it? How to make it more exciting?

Importance of usability Testing

Usability testing checks the system for how much time and effort is required for completing a specified task specially for a first time user. It is meant to test if the user recalls or retains parts of the application even during non usage. A good usability test would result in identification of easily overlooked errors, both minor and severe. After all a high level of usability is the key to the success of a product.

Hire Usability Testing Services

Usability testing service offered at 19Studios checks mobile games and applications for intuitiveness and an overall usability. We help customers to scrutinize their business deliver richer experience to their users. We efficiently translate usability test results into design improvements. Our usability test service is available on full time part time and hourly basis at costs fir to your budget.

Offshore Usability Testing Company India

With the recent boom of mobile applications and their easy availability to users, usability testing is an area of software development that has gotten a lot of attention. Developers and users alike are getting smarter by the day in adapting fully tested products for a greater user experience and keeping up with the very competitive market. Everyone is budgeting for great usability testing so as to get valuable feedbacks, before product release. 19Studios provides excellent usability and accessibility testing service from its offshore office in India. So what users receive are enhanced websites, mobile applications and games with greater accessibility of content. We adopt user-centric design, development and testing methods for independent validation and verification of our products and services. You can outsource our skilled and experienced usability testers for your mobile app and game testing projects at very affordable price.

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