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Game development is a balanced fusion of art, creativity and technicality. 19Studios is an accomplished game development company that bases its game development on this very fusion. Although the mobile game development is a dynamic space, the market for single player games is still buzzing with growing activity. Our mobile gaming applications, even in single player modes have the visual appeal and functional vitality that match upto that of multiplayer games meant for gaming consoles. Be it any phone, game support by the app distribution platform can sway buying decisions. So it is very essential that your game be available on multiple platforms. One of our core objectives while developing single player as well as multiplayer games is that they are deployable on all major mobile operating systems. With access to state of the art technology our hand picked game developers display their expertise through outstanding games spanning multiple domains.

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One of the reasons why mobile applications are so popular is that it is available for download at the app distribution platform. The idea at 19Studios is to develop game applications in such a manner that the same game can be played across multiple platforms generating a consistent look and feel. So your game reaches out to a wider audience and makes that lasting impression.


Customer behaviour, their likes, weaknesses and dislikes make up the app market trends. We study these trends thoroughly in order to make your app sellable. Not only do we create what your customers will want to only download, but would be also willing to pay for it. We find ways in which you could make money through your game like concealing few levels or gadgets for the paid version.


Every mobile game development process goes through some hurdles at one point or another. There could be technical issues like traffic handling or non technical ones like satisfying all stakeholders. At 19Studios, we aim at minimizing these challenges and when encountered they are tackled in a smooth sweep. You as our client, never feel any bumps and leave with a memorable experience.

Single Player Game Development at 19Studios includes

Game Designing Services

A great game stems from the availability of all essential game pre-fabricating ingredients. Skilled graphic artists, 2D 3D animators and UX designers with control over ultimate game development kits create games that deliver a magical gaming experience. You can outsource our skilled and experienced game developers for your single player game development projects at very affordable price.

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Game Testing Services

19Studios is an offshore game development company in India. We are a leading company in mobile game design and development. This is possible only due to expert quality analysts and testers with a wide knowledge of latest techniques and exceptional approach. We create reliable, robust, snag free and comprehensive game worlds that appeal to users.

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Online Offline Games

Most single player mobile games can be played while being offline like using a regular mobile application. But, we power our games with an online feature which makes it possible for players to communicate their achievements on a common platform like the game scoreboard or the more popular social media networks. 19Studios, has developed a number of single player games that are available for download on many app distribution platforms.

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If you have a great idea for an single player game development or are looking for a skilled and experienced mobile application developer or Unity 3D game developer, contact 19Studios today for a free quote. Just email contact@19studios.com or call +91-124-4278595.

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