iPhone Applications Development

With the introduction of iPhone and the iPad, Apple completely refashioned trends and fads of the mobile world. Most applications built for the iPhone and iPad, make use of the prominent bold native features that it offers like retina display, inbuilt accelerometer and high end camera. At 19Studios we have matured along with the development of Apple’s SDK to emerge as a consistent Apple application development company through the years. Be it useful applications for users on the go or enterprise applications for the iPhone and iPad to operate from your place of business, our expert iPhone application developers can build it for you.

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Android Applications Development

The fastest emerging market for mobile applications is without doubt the Android platform, owing to its open source nature and easy customization. We conceptualize the right kind of application for your mobile requirements and design it to perfection. Our Android application developers are conversant with a number of tools and technologies for creating apps that provide an optimal user experience on Android devices of varying screen sizes and resolutions. Mobiles as well as tablets, Android applications developed at 19Studios, easily reach out to the intended audience and interact with customers smoothly.

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HTML5 Application Development

With HTML5 it is possible to create web apps which are browser based and can therefore be accessed alike on all mobile devices and platforms. HTML5 has long been recognized for its potential as the face changer of the internet space but with the rightful invasion of mobiles into this arena, it has proved as a viable time and cost effective solution. Developers at 19Studios have immense experience in working with various tools and frameworks related to HTML5. With clever coding expertise we write an efficient code in HTML5 once and deploy it successfully across multiple platforms for our clients.

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Game Design Services

Game design is not just about being an avid gamer, it it much more than that. A good game designer is one who possess social skills, creative ideas and the ability to articulate these ideas effectively within a team. At 19Studios, we craft outstanding games. Our designers apply their unique combination

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of robust maths and design skills to come up with a game experience that leaves an impression. We are a skillful, imaginative team of artists, programmers, animators and audio engineers who turn original ideas into fully functional games.

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Unity3D Game Development

Unity3D a landmark innovation in game development, has metamorphosed gaming as we knew it a few years ago. Interactive 3D games and multi platform deployment (iOS and Android) are now a reality thanks to Unity3D. Complete with rapid workflows, seamless intuitive tools, ready made assets, easily customizable features and a highly active community, it is more than a game development framework, it is an ecosystem. Our enthusiastic game developers take the power of Unity3D to the next level with their dedication.

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Game Testing Services

In order to make sure that a game is up for players to lay their hands on, it is imperative to eliminate potential defects and ensure that the application is bug free. Our technically competent team is well equipped to handle issues that have a small response window. We put in dedicated hours at playing a single game, analysing it for snags at each level. As per the gameflow, every game undergoes a specific game testing strategy, emerging through as a high performance, high usability game that users love to play again

and again.

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3D Modeling & Animation

Often 3D modelling and animation are thought to be limited to games and other forms of entertainment. But in reality, 3D modelling as a technique is applied to the development of room interiors, products, buildings, automobiles and much more. At 19Studios we use superior simulations, rendering and modelling tools for development of 3D computer animations for a variety of purposes including games. There is an insatiable demand for creative options on the rise and our expertise in a number of 3D modelling and animation tools, we are well equipped to deliver.

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Augmented Reality Development

When it comes to engaging customers to your brand, visual appeal plays a key role. Augmented reality comes as a great solution to this cause. It lies somewhere in the zone between real and simulated, adding computer generated sensory inputs to the world as seen normally. We strongly believe that be it a game intended for children or an utility app for off-roaders, integrating a stimulating experience like the one delivered by augmented reality resonates with users. Our mobile games and apps are highly interactive and leave users spellbound with possibilities.

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Creative Services

19Studios extends its service umbrella to creative solutions in advertising in the print as well as digital domain. We do things differently for those who wish to be unique. We do rigorous brainstorming sessions followed by reliable yet innovative processes to take client products to their customers. We do in house font development based on what would showcase your character and business idea in the best possible way. We also provide creative writing services. Printing and promoting out of the box ads on the web as well as print medium, we do it at 19Studios.

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