What is Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is what makes mobile web applications come alive on Androids, Blackberry and iOS. It was one of the first HTML based mobile application framework that allows users to experience attractive UIs of high performance web apps that look and feel exactly like native apps. Sencha Touch framework is javascript enabled and provides extensive support for the MVC framework. This reduces the development time and offers greater control over the data and behavior of the application. Sencha Touch is built to support touch input and encompasses almost all native features of mobile devices.

Key Features of Sencha Touch Apps

Apps is fast

Apps is flexible

Apps Compatible to all platforms

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Cost effective

Get Spectacular Sencha Touch App Development at 19Studios

19Studios is a leading Sencha Touch development companies in India. At the moment, Sencha Touch is probably one of the most powerful mobile web app frameworks out there and we are well equipped and deeply experienced to handle requirements of simple to complex web apps using Sencha Touch. Mobile app developers at 19Studios are well versed with HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript, this enables them to exploit the full feature set of Sencha Touch and build attractive web apps that replicate native apps only with smoother responsive touch technologies. We have worked with a range of UI widgets, layouts and other features offered by Sencha Touch to develop a number of cogent web apps.



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More About our Sencha Touch Apps Development

Highly Responsive

There is no doubt that the market for native apps is quite big but if it is not fast, it is of no good. Sencha Touch developers at 19Studios help reduce the gap between web apps and native apps by taking advantage of its hardware acceleration features. So no matter what device or web browser is being used, apps are always fast and responsive.


Applications built using Sencha Touch are highly flexible with respect to their sensitivity to touch events. Sencha Touch developers are conversant with the rich touch widget set that it offers to build apps that incorporate touch maneuvers such as tap, drag and drop, double tap, swipe, pinch, longpress, rotate and more.

Cross Platform Compatible

The nature of smartphone operating systems in use today is not consistent but there is constant demand for smoother, better and consistent experiences across all these platforms. Be it for Android, iOS or Blackberry, with Sencha Touch we create user friendly apps for both android as well as iOS making mobile browsing a memorable experience.

Sencha Touch Development


Integrating Sencha Touch with PhoneGap

Sencha Touch allows you to create apps and host them on a mobile web server but imagine a technique that lets you distribute your apps across various App stores. At 19Studios, we make this possible by using the extensive third party plugin support provided by Sencha Touch and coupling it with our experience in app development on the PhoneGap framework. It also allows access to certain native features like camera which is otherwise not supported by Sencha Touch alone. We tap the full potential of Sencha Touch by building your mobile apps using web technologies and publish them alongside native apps through the power of PhoneGap.

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Improved ROI

Sencha Touch allows building browser based applications with a native look and feel. It also has a short learning curve as compared to most other web application development frameworks. With years of experience backing our mobile application development, we have successfully traversed the length and breadth Sencha Touch to develop cost effective web app solutions. Our Sencha Touch apps are assured to fetch high returns even on small investments.

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19Studios is an offshore Sencha Touch development company in India. Our experienced Sencha Touch developers ensure that you receive highest quality, cost effective mobile applications. You can outsource our experienced and skilled Sencha Touch developers for your Sencha Touch mobile app projects at very affordable price. We also offer consulting on Sencha Touch apps to our clients so that they better understand our service and take the right decisions at critical times.

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