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Businesses prosper on the power of mobility and Phonegap makes way for just that. 19Studios is known for providing complete PhoneGap solutions right from development and deployment to support. We leverage all the advantages offered by PhoneGap to help our clients reduce the associated overhead of native mobile applications by developing powerful PhoneGap apps that can be installed with ease across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. We understand that an universal development framework is always a step behind the native ones when a new feature or functionality is introduced. Our PhoneGap developers aim at minimizing this gap by quickly learning about the change and adapting to it. With a sound web development background coupled with hands on experience in CSS and Javascript, we have successfully delivered a number of PhoneGap projects on time and without any hassles.

Our PhoneGap App Development Service

At 19Studios being on time is very important to us. Based on what options best suit your requirement and market, we come up with an ideal cost-time estimate to deliver the project. We leverage our long years of experience in PhoneGap development to prioritize and achieve tasks effectively. We offer end to end consultation in PhoneGap enabling you to take decisions at critical times.

Why PhoneGap


Cross Platform Compatible

In a scenario where business growth relies immensely on incorporating mobile development plans, it only makes sense to adopt a cross platform compatible application development framework. Such is the application of PhoneGap. Owing to its availability on multiple platforms, a PhoneGap app gets exposure to a much larger audience within immediacy of its deployment.

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Cost Effective

A great advantage of PhoneGap is that you don’t end up paying separately for each development platform and therefore cut down majorly on your investment costs. So, you are free to spend more time, money and energy in making your app functionally richer and more reliable thereby ensuring greater returns.

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Why 19Studios

Our Expertise

We understand the importance of PhoneGap in being a powerful platform independent framework that allows communication with the features of the native operating system. PhoneGap developers at 19Studios possess extensive experience in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS which allows them to build functionally rich mobile application with the help of standard web APIs.

Our Strategy

As a principle of PhoneGap development, we strategize on its “build once. run everywhere” formula. We have a very strong web development foundation on which we build PhoneGap mobile applications for a range of business domains. We wrap your native applications with PhoneGap such that the same code base can be shared and deployed across multiple devices.

Hire 19Studios for App Development

At 19Studios, we possess what it takes to propel your business with a positive impetus for strategic growth through PhoneGap mobile applications. Our PhoneGap application development service is available on a part time, full time and hourly basis. For any requirement in PhoneGap application development, please write to us. We will be pleased to be associated with you.

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