Developing Multiplayer Games at 19Studios

It is no big news that the top rated games on the mobile, desktop as well as console platform are multiplayer enabled. Game developers at 19Studios are extremely passionate about what their work. We have been into game development right from the beginning which allows us to uncover new opportunities at very nascent stages and multiplayer games is a definite jackpot. It lets gamers enjoy the vicarious thrill of sharing the same virtual space but as programmers we understand that it is actually much more complex process requiring time and resources. With our growing experience, we have built a sound and effective multiplayer game development strategy for the benefit of our clients. After all what fun is a game till you can share, play and compete!

Additional Perks at 19Studios

We are a highly quality team of game developers who are committed to create a memorable multiplayer game experience for our clients. We adhere to best practices in Intellectual Property and client privacy. Time and money invested

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in us, is valued and we offer cost effective solutions bang on time. For any requirement of fresh designs for games, please write to us.

Real Time

One of the most difficult aspects of developing multiplayer games, is ensuring that each player’s turn come about on each connected PC at the same time. All our multiplayer games are supported with state of the art backend such that all users experience a synchronized response over time be it a motion as small as the flapping of a bird’s wings.

Consistent Uptime

Imagine you are playing a team game and your strategic planning over the personal chat feature has led you to successfully corner your opponent. Just then the server jams up and your game freezes. “Frustrating!”. Games, especially the ones that are multiplayer enabled are hosted on a cloud so that players never loose connection with their games.


Multiplayer game development with 19Studios, lets you customize your game at various levels. For example, in the chat feature, you can add your own message processing program onto the existing scripts. So your game is built on our cluster but you can customize the backend as you want. We ensure a sustained user spike by offering enhanced scalability.

Multiplayer Game Development Services at 19Studios

Unity3D Game Development

We have experience in a number of game programing languages like Unity3D, HTML5, Cocos2D, JavaScript, RoR and Flash, Unity3D being our forte. It is the most mature, versatile and robust 2D 3D game development platform available today. Our team of game developers has been extensively trained in Unity3D to deliver outstanding games on this platform.

Cross Platform Compatible

The convergence of digital platforms has created the need to link them all for a seamless delivery of design and experience. So, obviously you are looking to satisfy gamers on all major operating systems like Android and iOS, using devices of varying screen sizes and resolutions. Great! Our multiplayer games are built with maximum support for multiple platforms.

Instant bug fixes

Picture this, you have launched a great quiz game but sometimes, when a player guesses the first three letters right, the question gets auto answered. It doesn’t remain much of a quiz then, does it? At 19Studios, we conduct regular tests, apprehend glitches and fix them instantly, creating a perfect game environment that your customers enjoy!

Our Multiplayer Games