Developing Games for Mobile

Mobile Game Development is different from conventional application development in the sense that it requires to bring together creativity, skill, imagination, technology and best user experience practices especially over the mobile platform which is quickly becoming the preferred choice for gaming. We design games that are visually exciting, addictive in nature and have the potential to attract users. Games developed at 19Studios, display an underlying performance rich code backed with mobile friendly layout, making users want to interact more and more with the gaming ecosystem that we create.

Porting Games to Mobile

Mobile phones delineate the most stringent performance determining constraints like small screen size and lower processor speed than traditional gaming devices. Game development approach at 19Studios follows a mobile first principle where a game is first built for the mobiles and then ported to other platforms like the desktop and web. We also port games within the mobile platform itself like from Android to iOS and vice versa. Exploiting the power of mobile devices to create robust games and effectively porting to multiple platforms is our forte.

Design for 2D & 3D Games

The very spirit of game development arises from the fact that gaming itself is our passion. They demand a captivating story, multiple levels, realistic environments and a complete vicarious thrill. Be it for a 2D or 3D setup, we take game development very seriously. Although 3D games are “in”, we realise fully well that 2D games never really go obsolete and display immense experience in designing for both with the help of Photoshop, Maya and Flash. We create an enriching game experience through remarkable techniques of visual storytelling, game modeling, lighting, animation, audio engineering, User interface designing.


At 19Studios, not only do we perform collaborative development with our clients for existing games that they may have but also develop games right from scratch. Our gaming aces have the potential to transform a simple game idea into a complete, marketable game. We develop a great deal of games for Android, iPhone and Windows phone among others for a variety of target sectors like a requirement in XNA, Flash or HTML5. We display immense experience in 3D game development engines such as Unity3D and also in 2D game development kits like Cocos 2D and Corona SDK.


We have well thought out, practised and improvised process of working that has ensured that we repeatedly deliver class one games to our global clientele. First, a clear understanding of requirements is established, followed by agile development cycles and finished with a thorough quality check. In order to effectively achieve this, we make sure that developers have their disposal state of the art tools, workflow is managed through smooth project management and clients experience crystal clear transparency in the way we work.


Our in depth expertise in diverse fields allows us to undertake a variety of different projects. We develop games, perform 2D as well as 3D game engine programming and modification, game designing for both core and casual games, Game assets and theme designing, Simulation game development, Integrating advanced features, game porting, games involving artificial intelligence, scientific animations or physics among others, Social media integration with games and quality assurance services.

Our Game Videos

PaintBallGame – 3D Multiplayer

Albert’s Number Fusion

See ‘N’ Match – 2D Arcade Game

Your Game, We Develop

At 19Studios we strongly believe in making business relations for life. And in order to achieve this, we know it is imperative to first and foremost fulfill client expectations if not exceed them. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your ideas, views and needs to arrive at a solution that we iterate and reiterate till you are satisfied.

Case Study – Why Outsource ?

19Studios has an established foothold in game development. We help your business set its sails in the direction by taking care of your worries regarding expenses. Game solutions offered by us are cut out to fit your budget requirements perfectly. Enjoy superior gaming at pocket friendly costs and ride on the wave without any worries.

Games developed by Us !

We have successfully delivered a number of game projects that canvas action, puzzles, strategy, arcade, casino, cards and much more. Our dynamic combination of zeal and experience has helped us mature and reach a level where we can assist you in building any kind of game however new or old the idea maybe.

Hire Game Development with Us

Hire Mobile Game Developers

At 19Studios we offer cogent game solutions at extremely affordable prices bang on time. iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone we develop games for all mobile platforms. We undertake strict rules for protection of intellectual property and adoption best Coding practices. Hiring mobile game developers from 19Studios gives you an added advantage of choosing from a flexible payment model, either full Time, part Time or hourly.

Our Game Developer Team

We are a team of top game developers, game designers, 2D-3D artist, 2D character animator a mix of industry smart coders who know the canny tricks of the trade and passionate newbies who are motivated to create better and better each time. When we work, we are glavanized with the dedication to achieve targets and when we don’t we are driven to bettering our skills.

Game Development in Untiy3D

Unity3D is the most mature and robust game development platform available today which supports developing 2D and 3D games for multiple mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android and More), native desktop (Windows, Mac OSX) and web. Our team of game developers has been extensively trained to use Unity3D and have developed numerous games on this platform. We have used advance features in Unity3D to integrate advertisements, geolocation, push notifications and In app purchases in our games.

Our Strengths

Diversity is what sets us apart from the hoard of mobile game developers out there. We take on everything with a challenge, the challenge to do what has not been tried and the challenge to outdo the existing. Our adept mobile game developers work on multiple projects simultaneously, yet there is absolutely no hitch in quality. We trust our strength and build on it to deliver persistently!

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