Importance of testing mobile applications

Smartphones especially through mobile applications have become the new face of business, practically authorizing consumers to control business operations right out of their hands. Apps not optimized for user interaction may influence business decisions directly. No doubt that a sound mobile app development blueprint is the base for a successful business but there is a key element that acts as the final nail to the coffin, ignoring which can be a potential threat to its image and future. And that key element is a strong mobile app testing strategy. A mobile application that passes stringent quality checks before becoming public can alone be expected to engage customers and create that brand image.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile Application Testing with 19Studios

Like testing any other software product, testing mobile applications entails ensuring that the product is free of any performance leaks. But, owing to the variety in device types, models, memory capacities, screen resolutions and above all, operating systems, testing mobile applications involves more challenges. Finding the right outsourcing partner for testing services can be quite a harrowing task but the quality of mobile apps developed at 19Studios is proof enough to help you end your search for one. We adopt intricate industry tested strategies to overcome these challenges and release perfect apps.

Availability of mobile testing tools

19Studios is fully equipped to handle testing loads of any size. With advanced testing tools, qualified testing team and time tested methodologies,we achieve the highest standards in terms of quality. Not only do we have access to

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excellent testing resources but we also deliver what meets industry standards through best testing practices.

Application Life Cycle Testing

When we develop an app, we

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conduct regular testing at all levels of the development lifecycle. End users expect instant bug fixes and we do just that through agile development. This results in frequent updates, each one widening the scope of mobile application testing and thus delivering a snag free app.


There a number of app distribution platforms out there. At 19Studios, we ensure that before an app is launched, it is tested for expected behaviour with respect to Appstore standards, agreement with pre-installed apps and first time launch. It is also essential that the app be tested for uninstallation such that no files are left behind after removal.

Choosing the Right Device

It is very critical that the right device be chosen for testing purposes. Ideally the device on which mobile app testing is conducted at 19Studios, is the one which represents majority of the target audience for that app. In the initial stages of testing we often employ the cost effective device emulators and switch over to physical devices later.

Compatibility Testing

At 19Studios, all mobile apps undergo rigorous testing for installation on all the different types of smartphones and tablets. We test apps on all major operating systems and further test them on their different versions for a variety of screen resolutions, screen sizes, memory sizes and compatibility on both form factors, phones as well as tablets.

Mobile App Testing on Cloud

Besides conducting mobile app testing on tangible devices, we also perform testing on cloud. To do this we set up pre configured architectures that offer a web based mobile environment on simulators. We deploy, test and manage apps effectively on cloud thus reducing immensely the cost of project and increasing ROI.

Beta Testing

In order to get the real picture of how an app would behave in actual mobile networks, we conduct intense tests just prior to its release. Apps are tested for speed, performance, reaction to traffic, limited connectivity and disconnection through network simulations. By ensuring a level of consistency in all these aspects we deliver apps that are instant hits.

Working with 19Studios

Many a times clients require to outsource only the testing of existing mobile apps. Applications developed at 19Studios speak volumes about the quality and performance. Apart from testing in house mobile apps we also offer services that are limited to testing alone. Our mobile testing strategy is in sync with performance guidelines and latest techniques.