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19Studios as your Mobile Application Development Partner ?

30 million! That’s the average number of apps being downloaded each day! It is a race out there and at 19Studios, our dedicated team of mobile developers study stay ahead of it. We study the market, conceptualize, develop and deliver outstanding applications for your mobile strategies. From understanding your exact needs to turning it into a potentially hit application, we stand by you till you see the downloads increasing. If you have an idea we see an opportunity. With the latest tools and right technical expertise, we are here to help you build that app you have dreamt about at reduced costs with great agility.

Mobile Development Team

Our team of developers are highly experienced and passionate about what they do. Development is their forte, only the best are handpicked at 19Studios. Exposure to the industry has led us to build effective cross platform compatible applications ranging from extremely simple to highly complex.

Our Quality Control

Although our apps have the reputation of being stylish and delivered quickly, there is something that we hold more important, Quality. We believe in quality above time, quality above style and quality above all. We deliver performance rich apps by making sure that each one goes through our strict quality control procedure and emerges successful in all.

19Studios has been associated with iphone app development right from its inception. The growth in the iphone market has influenced the growth in all businesses around. We help you ride the wave by coming up with apps that not only fulfill your business requirements but also sell! Nearly twenty man-years of development experience in iphone applications has brought us up to a level where we can make correct judgements during tight spots and waltz out with sensible pragmatic solutions.

We have built a number of iphone apps ranging from educational apps for toddlers to application overlayed with augmented reality. It helps immensely that we are well versed with Apple’s stringent publishing guidelines for the App Store as it has made us capable of developing apps that make it through the first time, cutting down majorly on your iterative costs and time. 19Studios is your ideal iphone app development partner!

Within hardly any time of coming into existence, Androids surged the mobile space. This open source platform has a lot of players, some even without much credibility adding in their own games and apps to the market. Being an early player in Android App development, we at 19Studios know what it takes to build meaningful Android apps. The apps that we have developed in the past speak for themselves.

It takes a lot of experience and exposure to effectively analyse what persuades users. 19Studios not only makes apps that brand your purpose but also makes sure you reap the rewards by cleverly monetizing them wherever possible. Our Android apps are built keeping in mind the variety of devices out there and their ever evolving nature. All you need is an idea, we take care of moulding it!

A relatively new entrant in the world of mobile applications, Windows mobile has quickly managed to catch the eye of mobile users with its attractive UI and robust OS. 19Studios has traversed far and wide into mobile application development and Windows app development is no exception. We build applications that are supportive of your business requirements and at the same time add value to it.

Over the past twenty man-years of our experience, we have built a few utility apps for this platform that have created waves. Navigation apps, utility apps, games and every other genre that you may want a Windows application for, we at 19Studios, can do it for you. Hire us as your Windows Mobile application development partner and let our apps take your business to places and people worldwide!

Our Mobile Application Portfolio

Mobile Development Verticals

Owing to their portability, speed and ease of usage, mobiles are here to take over the internet and technology front. At 19Studios we have development expertise in all spheres of the mobile world.

Education is slowly trending towards internet enabled easy to carry study material. We transform information into engaging content to allow smooth and effective e-learning. Our e-learning applications are not just well coded programs these are visually appealing apps that users would without a doubt, want to read on.

There are a dozen applications for a single purpose, so what actually makes one more likeable than the other? It’s the experience that attracts users and augmented reality is the new face of mobile apps. With multiple approaches to gauge and choose from, we deftly insert digital information into real life thereby delivering superior solutions in augmented reality.

The average e-commerce user has found an ideal tool for shopping comfortably in the form of mobile e-commerce. We create ready made e-commerce solutions that can be easily integrated with your existing system and also act like stand alone e-commerce systems. Our solutions support unlimited products, multi currencies and can be deployed across multiple platforms.

We understand the value of mobile applications when it comes to propagating your business in the mobile world. We understand your business requirements and build apps that are in perfect sync with your business to help you grow further and generate the returns you expect.

The coming of tablets and smartphones has immensely eased up the point of sales system and we have developed and delivered smart POS solutions since the very beginning. From tracking inventory, to creating accurate pricing and report generation, we ensure that everything is achieved within seconds without being tied to the checkout counter at all. We help bring about a new level of control over operations and fine-tune retail business.

More convenient the screen size, higher the popularity and more complex the development. It takes a lot to put together a perfect game for the mobile platform and we at 19Studios have what it takes. Our team mix of artists, designers and developers create engaging games with outstanding visual appeal and a complete gaming experience.

Unless you share it, you don’t feel it. We are aware of this growing sentiment of today and build innovatively designed apps that serve the purpose of your social media requirements. The apps developed at 19Studios are integrated with sites like facebook and twitter, making it easy to share game scores, business developments and much more.


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    19Studios has had a track record of developing and delivering A1 apps for its diverse client mix. Keeping those smiles on the faces of those who approach to us is very important to us. We tailor make mobile apps as per your needs at costs that you would gladly want to incur. We don’t just build mobile apps, we create a memorable development experience.