jQuery Mobile for your Mobile Needs

The smartphone and tablet market is a kaleidoscope of different screen sizes, resolutions, RAMs, operating systems, network connectivities and a host of other software and hardware specifications. jQuery Mobile is a web application framework that caters to the development needs of all popular mobile devices, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework. With a combined user interface for variegated devices, jQuery Mobile works on the HTML5 technology and is optimized for touch input. jQuery Mobile allows developers to write code for a single cogent website and run it on different mobile devices rather than build separate websites for all the different mobile operating systems out there.

Advantages of jQuery Mobile

Lightweight code

Limited dependencies

Supports responsive widgets

Smooth and easy development

Spending less time designing and coding

Built on top of a familiar Javascript library, jQuery

jQuery enables you to perform hordes of functions in comparison to other Javascript libraries

Compatible over multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and WebOS

19Studios for your jQuery Mobile Development

Touch Optimized Results

At 19Studios, we build highly interactive mobile applications with native AJAX support. Built on the sound foundation of jQuery and jQuery UI, the lightweight jQuery mobile code supports enhancement of existing features. We build progressively flexible and intuitive jQuery themes that make navigation and event handling, using touch inputs a revitalizing experience.

HTML5 Compatible

jQuery mobile is built on an HTML5 based UI that makes it compatible on all mobile platforms. 19Studios has taken the “write less do more” principle of jQuery Mobile framework, one step up. Our experts develop mobile applications and websites that gain a branded status within no time, through a minimum scripting and maximum business focus approach.

Maximum Efficiency

We apply our designing prowess and development expertise towards building a unified website that would work on multiple mobile platforms. jQuery mobile supported applications built at 19Studios are optimized for excellent speed and tractable extensions. A single code is automatically scalable to any screen size, ranging from that of a palm sized phone to a tablet.

jQuery Plugin development

At 19Studios, we always strive to be at the forefront of jQuery mobile development. One of our most important steps in enhancing our services is to provide customization of jQuery plugins. We also develop cross browser compatible plugins from scratch. Our experienced developers also use jQuery for the development of Rich Internet Applications.

Hire US for jQuery Mobile Development

Our extensive development experience in jQuery and HTML5 leverages us to impart the required confidence in our clients about our ability to build flexible jQuery Mobile sites that will gracefully adapt to the specifications of different mobile devices. Our jQuery Mobile developers understand the drawbacks of building websites with jQuery Mobile and create effective workarounds to maintain and in fact enhance the site’s behaviour and appearance.

Our jQuery Expertise

Building UI widgets

Maintaining clean URLs

Prior experience in jQuery and HTML

Ajax powered animated transitions between pages

Embedding pre-designed layouts in new web environments

jQuery Mobile Projects at 19Studios