What is Impact JS?

If there is anything in the internet space that sells like hot cakes, it is HTML5 games. There a number of HTML5 game development platforms out there but Impact JS has made a mark developers and players alike thanks to the ease of development and quality of games developed respectively. Impact JS is a professional grade, Javascript and HTML5 powered game engine. Game development with ImpactJS lets developers create remarkable HTML5 games for the mobile as well as desktop platforms. What’s more, Impact JS allows direct publishing of HTML5 Games in the AppStore with almost native performance.

19Studios Edge

19Studios has been a forerunner in the development of HTML5 games since the very beginning. We have experimented and worked on a number of platforms in HTML5 game development, which has led us to a great amount of experience in Impact JS game development. As an Impact JS game development company, we have garnered a lot of acknowledgement from our clients all over the world. We have developed immense expertise in the whole process of creating a game with Impact JS. Foreverything from setting up our own working environment to packaging your game for deployment, 19Studios has you covered.

Runs Everywhere

Impact JS games can be deployed across multiple platforms. It runs on all browsers that support HTML5, be it Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or even the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE 9. Not only do Impact JS games run on desktops but also on the iPhone, iPad.

 Flexible Editor

Impact JS comes with the a highly versatile level editor, Weltmeister  that lets game developers create outstanding games without a lot of effort. It uses and connects all game entities instantly to create logical chains of action. Jump and run, Side-scrolling or a top-down RPG, Impact JS’s super flexible editor is up for the task.

 Powerful Debug Tools

Debugging is a very essential part of any game development. Without proper debugging, a good game idea is no good. Impact JS has a very powerful, debug tool that comes with a fairly easy to handle debug menu which allows easy tracking of performance bottlenecks and therefore ensuring smooth gameplay.

 Fully Documented

Impact JS has answers to all your questions regarding Impact JS game development. The detailed documentation includes a growing list of articles, video tutorials and   reference documents loaded with examples of code. Using Impact Jsfor game development is easy, fun and highly fruitful.

Hire Offshore ImpactJS Development Company India

19Studios is an offshore ImpactJS development company India. 19Studios is a creative, technically efficient, customer centric, bleeding edge mobile app and HTML5 game development company. Our highly experienced HTML5 game developers have built, tested and deployed a number of online and offline games using ImpactJS, even more than one game development framework for a number of platforms for millions of users on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. You can outsource our skilled and experienced ImpactJS game developers for your game projects. We excel in HTML5 game development using ImpactJS and welcome all those who want one, to write to us. We will be more than glad to help you get your dream game at a price tailored to match your budget.

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