Introducing Unity 3D Team

The team of Unity 3D programmers at 19Studios are not just great coders, they are gaming freaks! We take gaming entertainment very seriously and so creating extraordinary games is our passion. We combine an immense control over C# with our experience in Unity 3D engine to develop games of all kinds for the Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms.

 Development using Unity 3D Studio?

Unity3D is an authoring and rendering tool for the development 3D animations, 2D as well as 3D games and other forms of interactive content. It functions strictly on the “develop once, publish everywhere” principle, solving the problem cross platform compatibility. This development paradigm offers significant cost saving and reduces the time to market making it a preferred tool for game development. Unity3D does all this with no compromise in output quality. Unity3D supports the development of games for not only mobile devices but also web and desktop platforms across all major operating systems. Unity 3D enables developers to spend valuable time on design, story and execution.

Why Hire Us

 Our Unity 3D Expertise

Our Unity 3D programming experts at 19Studios are experienced in working extensively with the asset store. This expertise allows our unity 3d programmers to choose from thousands of ready made assets like characters, effects, landscapes, textures and audio effects saving critical time and effort. We also create custom assets as per our customer’s requirement. Our unity3d developers use all high end features of Unity Pro and create games that once built can be ported onto other platforms without sweat.

 Our Key Advantage

Unity3D programmers at 19Studios have access to the full suite online store of Unity. Game optimization, scene building, terrain layouts, graphics optimization, lighting, special effects, artificial intelligence, In-app purchases and social media integration are some of the areas in which we specialize. With industry best tools and development standards guiding us, we build high performance games with fluid characters and smooth game flows.

 Our Hiring Process

At 19Studios, we hold games and game development very dear to us. This is the reason our hiring process for Unity3D programmers is a very intense one. Only the best are hand picked to create the best game experiences. Our Unity3D programmers display a blend of creativity, technical expertise, awareness about the latest technological trends and a willingness to always be matchless in what they do.

Hiring Models

 Project Based Hiring

Most of the times, clients approach us with a definite picture in mind. The ensuing process involves the usage of a particular development platform, through a particular process. For such projects, we follow a project based hiring where we pre assess requirements against cost and time in order to assign a fixed cost to the client beforehand.

 Dedicated Developer Model

Apart from taking a whole and sole responsibility for the development of products, we also offer another method of development, called co-product development where clients can hire dedicated developers to work alongside their own team. Clients can hire our highly skilled Unity3D programmers on a full time, part time or hourly basis for as long as needed.

 Time and Material Model

Some projects are so dynamic in nature that their scope and specification can only be defined as the project executes. For such projects, we have developed the a billing method based on hourly, weekly or monthly monitoring. A cost effective payment method, it imparts great flexibility in terms of the amount of money spent in return of the amount of work done.

Cost Saving

At 19Studios, we work on the principle that only developing A1 games is not enough, making them available at pocket friendly prices without a compromise in quality, is! The best way to keep customers happy is to make sure that they pay for what they get, nothing more, nothing less. We try and adopt a minimalistic approach towards development meaning that our games reflect the true potential of Unity3D, we do not want our clients to spend unnecessarily unless they demand for something additional to be included. We maintain utmost transparency in the way we work, giving clients a clear cut figure with no hidden costs.

Our Game Portfolio

A rare combination of out of the box ideas, innovative design skills, strong knack for programming and robust testing methodologies has led 19Studios to earn a reputed name for itself as a developer of engaging Unity 3D games spanning diverse genres. Depending on the scale of project, we can put up game mock ups and deliver games within just a couple of days to weeks. We create arcade games, action games, adventure games, strategy games and more in Unity3D.

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