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Sencha Touch is an astounding, sought after framework by mobile web developers today. At 19Studios, Sencha Touch developers build web apps for the mobile platform which look and feel more like native applications. We ensure that rich and intuitive touch options are available to mobile app users when they are using our apps built on Sencha Touch. Making mobile browsing a pleasurable and memorable and experience is our goal and we achieve it quite effectively.

The Team

We are a highly experienced and qualified team of Sencha Touch developers who are motivated to do better and better each time. Not only do we have immense industry exposure in Sencha Touch alone but also possess the skill of cleverly using other technical tools and programing languages in its conjunction, so as to arrive at smarter solutions.

 The Edge

19Studios has a great deal of experience in Sencha Touch development. One of the best things about Sencha Touch is its flexibility that comes from its compatibility with HTML5,CSS3 and javaScript. We have been independently developing mobile and web solutions using these languages for years thus strengthening our hand at Sencha Touch itself.

 The Process

The screening and hiring process at 19Studios involves great amount of focus and detail.  Between the time of receiving a job application and sending out the letter of offer, our recruitment team is at it heels. We handpick the applicants after thoroughly scrutinizing their mettle on paper and in the interview.

Hiring Models at 19Studios

 Time and Material Model

Some projects are so dynamic in nature that their specification and scope can only be defined as the project execution begins. For such projects, we have developed the a billing method based on hourly, weekly or monthly monitoring. This cost effective payment method imparts great flexibility in terms of the money spent in lieu of the amount of work done.

Project Based Hiring

Many a times, clients have a definite picture in mind before coming to us. The ensuing process involves the usage of a particular development platform, through a particular process. For such projects, we follow a project based hiring where we pre assess requirements against cost and time in order to assign a fixed cost to the client beforehand.

 Dedicated Developer Model

Apart from taking a whole and sole responsibility for the development of products, we also offer another method of development, called co-product development where clients can hire dedicated developers to work alongside their own team. Clients can hire our  highly skilled Unity3D developers on a full time, part time or hourly basis for as long as needed.

Hire Offshore Sencha Touch Development Company India

19Studios is an offshore sencha touch development company in India. Sencha Touch is a seriously sought after framework by leading mobile website owners and developers alike. Sencha Touch developers at 19Studios build web apps for mobile platforms which behave like native applications. If you’re looking to build a new application or modifying an existing app for mobile access in India, contact our Sencha Touch experts for trusted advice so that you can optimize your web app for an enhanced performance, user experience, scalability and maintainability. Please write to us for more information on mobile app development using Sencha Touch framework.
You can outsource our skilled and experienced sencha touch developers for your mobile app projects at affordable price.

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