Hire Mobile Application Tester at 19Studios

Mobile applications are created with a defined purpose. Before releasing an app to the market, it is necessary to make sure that this purpose is being met effectively and smoothly. To this end, 19Studios maintains high standard mobile applications through industry best, time tested testing methodologies and techniques. With increasing diversity in the type of apps, their functionalities and target platforms, testing mobile applications has become an inseparable part of mobile app development. We incorporate testing at all levels, throughout the development process to make sure that our clients receive their expected applications through minimum iterations at maximum efficiency.

We Test Mobile Apps for

Performance under load and otherwise
Stability when subjected to various conditions
Adherence to business specifications
Compatibility across different OS
Consistency on different devices

An Interactive UI
Easy of Usage
Smooth navigation
Security as per user privacy guidelines
Adherence to major quality concerns

Types of Mobile App Testing done at
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Usability of an application is defined by the way it appears to users. The right color scheme, layout and menu style backed with a responsive design can sometimes sway the decision of downloading in favour of app especially when there are more than one app serving a similar purpose. At 19Studios, we make sure our apps have the most engaging user interface possible, thus ensuring conversions.

Every mobile application is created with certain functionalities or technical specifications in mind. It is essential that an application be tested for all aspects from installation, login screen, search options, file handling, operation to uninstallation. Our apps are tested for proper functionality through various types of functionality testing such as unit testing, regression testing, integration testing and more.

Even if a mobile application shows expected results under normal conditions, it is no indicator of normal behaviour under stress conditions. Mobile applications at 19Studios are subjected to extreme conditions to test for expected behavior in low resources (memory, battery, space etc.) and also when multiple users simultaneously seek access.

One of the chief evaluating parameters of a mobile application is its connectivity to the internet. Network and connectivity testing at 19Studios, makes sure that an application is tested for various types of internet connectivity such as 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and Mobile hotspot. These are further tested against different signal strengths, data synchronization and availability of web service. So your app is ready to operate under various network types.

Mobile application development generally begins with a specific operating system as target. But the presence of multiple mobile phone types and platforms has made it obligatory for you as a business owner to ensure that your app is available to all your users irrespective of what mobile phone they are using. We test mobile application for compatibility as well as consistency across devices with varying screen sizes, memory, resolutions, processor speeds, OS versions and more. We also test for non interference of the application with native device features.

Once an application is published in the app distribution platform, it is available to users all over the world. In order to attain a good success rate in all local markets, it is essential that the app be synchronized across the diversity in terms of both location and time. We test our apps for consistent performance under different localization parameters and standards. So your app is a success among users in not only your country but also among those in geographically distant locations.

Mobile applications use a lot of data that is critical and personal to users. This includes information such as user authentication, authorization and availability. Considering confidentiality of personal information as highly important, we take all possible measure to make sure our apps are tested for security of these aspects.

Most mobile app publishing platforms have outlined guidelines for the kind of applications allowed on them. Apple’s App store in specific is very strict with the rules for filtering in applications. We make sure that we get these guidelines straight in the first go itself so that you do not have to invest time and money in redevelopment in case it fails to meet any requirement.