What is Construct 2?

There is no denying that HTML5 is among the most loved languages of game development. With so many different ways and platforms to publish a game, you would obviously want to be omnipresent but as a game owner it would mean a lump sum investment of money and as a developer, a huge investment of time. The need of the day is cross platform friendly behaviour and what better than HTML5? Construct 2 simply helps elevate the entire game development process into something quicker, smoother, easier and one with better results. With easy drag and drop, instant preview, built in editors and plug ins support, Construct 2 is an ideal HTML5 game development framework.

Why 19Studios for Construct 2 Game Development

 Our Construct 2 experience

19Studios has had a long standing eminence of being a distinguished HTML5 based games, among a list of others. We have developed a number of web based games using native HTML5 codes and with the release of Construct classic, transformed our game building skills into a lesser time taking process. As Construct evolved into Construct 2, so did we. Our years of experience in game development, HTML5 and Javascript coupled with our hand on knowledge of the Construct 2 game builder lets us create some exceptional games.

 Our Construct 2 expertise

Construct 2 game developers at 19Studios, are nothing less than experts at making HTML5 based 2D games. It is a glaring observation that when games are developed using HTML5, it means a compromise on quality as the aim is to facilitate cross platform behaviour. But, we apply our knowledge of HTML5 to the user friendly, feature rich interface of Construct 2 to make your game come alive like any other natively developed game. Our expert JavaScript developers help make Construct 2 even more easy to use by building valuable plugins.

Additional Perks

 19Studios offers

 On Time Delivery

 Cost Effective offering

 Strict adherence to NDA

 Adoption of Best Coding practices

 Benefit from specialized skills

 High Quality Work and Committed team

 Easy communication via phone, chat, emails, Skype, etc

Construct 2 Game Development

Your games are cross platform friendly owing to HTML5 but our Construct 2 experience lets us take full advantage of this functionally rich game development framework to build amazing 2D games that create a lasting impact on user. We make sure your games are at par if not better than natively developed games with the added power of being available to everyone everywheres.
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Hire 19Studios for Your Construct 2 Games Development

19Studios is an offshore Construct 2 Game development company in India. Over the years, 19Studios has created for itself a reputable recognition in construct 2 game development. We have built outstanding 2D games in the past using Construct, which has only made its successor, Construct 2 an easy platform for us to learn. We can proudly say that building games on construct 2 is something we excel at. You can hire our skilled and experienced Construct 2 game developers for your Construct 2 games at very affordable price.


Fixed Cost

We do projects on a fixed cost basis after thorough evaluation of your requirements. Through exhaustive analytic assessments with all stakeholders we delineate your requirements and propose a fixed cost for the project. You can also hire Construct 2 game developers on hourly and monthly basis as per your needs and convenience.

Full-time Hiring

8 hours a day & 20 Days / month

Total: 160 hours / month

Minimum period of hiring: 2 months

Billing: Monthly

Part-time Hiring

4 hours a day & 20 Days / month

Total: 80 hours / month

Minimum period of hiring: 2 months

Billing: Monthly

Hourly Hiring

Any Duration

Minimum period of hiring: 20 Hours

Billing: Weekly Advance

We are available for CONTRACT WORK

If you have a great idea for a Construct game or are looking for a skilled and experienced mobile application developer or Unity 3D game developer, contact 19Studios today for a free quote. Just email contact@19studios.com or call +91-124-4278595.

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