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Landscapes, buildings, characters and just about everything else that is a part of a 3D game, is the outcome of 3D modelling and at 19Studios we do it effortlessly. Our gamers turned 3D modelers exude the same amount of passion and dedication towards developing realistic 3D models as they do for gaming itself. We make captivating 3D models of just about every element in our 3D games. So our 3D games prove to be engaging to not only hard core gamers but also attract non players just on the basis of visual flawlessness. Our 3D modelers can transform 2D art or even conjure up amazing 3D models with just the idea in their heads. Be it cartoons or photo realistic assets, we make convincing 3D models of all kinds.

3D Modelling for games

Game development is our mania and 3D modelling, our forte. Passion and skill combine at 19Studios to come up with outstanding 3D models for our 3D games. We have expertise in all the major 3D modeling tools including 3ds Max, Cobalt, Aladdin4D, Maya, AC3D and Bryce. We make 3D models for games on various platforms including iphone, Android, Windows, desktop, social media sites like Facebook, PlayStatiom, Wii, Nintendo and Xbox.

Our 3D Modeling Services

 3D mapping

 3D assets modelling

 3D character modelling

 3D vehicles modelling

 3D buildings modelling

 3D weapons modelling

 3D environment modelling

Hiring Models at 19Studios

Time and Material Model

The dynamic nature of certain projects makes it very difficult to ascertain the specification and scope at the beginning. 19Studios has come up with a cost effective solution for such incidents. Our time and material hiring model lets you hire 3D modellers on hourly, weekly or monthly basis. So you enjoy a great deal of flexibility in terms of both money spent and effort put in.

Project Based Hiring

Many clients come to us with a clearly defined picture of what they want, right from the kind of 3D modelling tool they want to be used to the color scheme. For such specific requirements we have designed a project based hiring model. After a detailed project assessment meeting with the clients, they are given a definite cost and time well before the commencement of project.

Dedicated Developer Model

At 19Studios, you can of course have your own team of 3D modellers but you can also hire a single 3D modeller for co-product development. Our 3D modeller works with your team, in your office so that you can avail our skilled expertise in 3D modelling at costs and conditions conducive to your product development methodologies on full time, part time or hourly monitoring.



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