Our Game Testing Methodology

We are a leading game development company based in India offer mobile game testing services. Game testing methodology at 19Studios thrives on three main things; technical competence, smooth communication and agile responsiveness. Each game is analysed in detail for its features and a customized testing strategy is devised thereafter. We are a game development company with a passion for gaming, which means we are hard core gamers. We put in long hours playing the same levels of the same games over and over again tirelessly, analysing it from all possible angles to discover slacks of any kind, however minute in magnitude it may be. Conducting top notch quality control and testing processes is of the highest value to us. At the end we prepare detailed bug reports to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum wastage of time in the future.

Our Game Testing Services

19Studios is a game testing companies in India. Over the years, game testing has evolved from being a subset of game development to an independent unit in itself. Due to its time tested quality assurance techniques and methodologies, 19Studios has emerged as a best game testing company in India. All issues ever encountered are meticulously logged, so familiar bugs are quickly resolved with minimum iterations and new ones are taken up with a burning challenge to overcome it in quick easy steps. With an experience in game testing that goes years back in time, we have developed robust quality assurance skills that make sure our games suffer from zero performance leaks.

Our Game Testing Team

19Studios is an offshore game testing company in India. We are a team of gamer developers, designers, animators and game testers who want to be associated with the best games in the industry. Our game testers have what it takes to make sure that only the highest quality games go out through a bare display of patience, passion and performance. We work in close liaison with the development team to understand the features and work accordingly to test the game thoroughly. Each game is put through scenarios meant to break the code through systematic tests. Able and highly experienced testers in our game testing team make our games what they are, robust, explorable and fun!

Our Game Testing Expertise

Load Testing
Mobile Testing
Game Play Testing
Platform Testing
Multi-Platform Testing
Online and Network Testing

Usability Testing
Experience Testing
Compatibility Testing
Functionality Testing
Localization Testing
Console Certification Testing

Our Game Testing Verticals

Game Play Testing

India’s largest game development company provide game testing services to our customers across the globe. We make sure that games have a smooth and snag free flow. Testing the game for a flawless and stylish gameplay ensures that the final product works as designed providing sufficient functionality and fun to the game. Gameplay testing makes sure that the game offers a pleasurable experience to critics and end users alike. It makes the game better compatible with a wider market, increasing the chances of acceptance by independent console manufacturers and popular game distribution platforms.


Rule adherence

Artificial intelligence

Single player (online and offline)

Multi-player (online and offline)

Including MMO

Online and Network Testing

Gaming trends and fads have undergone a drastic change from the times when they were restricted to non commercialized consoles to a time where everyone can not just play but also easily connect over a network. A leading developer of Independent games, 19Studios strives to attach the online gaming feature in all its games by performing robust load testing and performance checks to make sure that they are ready for it. Multi player online gaming, impart a wow factor that cannot be denied and our games are tested and tried to incorporate this to offer a smooth online gaming experience.

Multiple modalities

  • T1
  • DSL


Packet examination and prioritization

Wireless and wired environment


Multiplatform Testing

Quality standard of a game is defined by a number of factors, one of the chief ones being its ability to be deployed across multiple platforms. Higher the number of platforms on which a game is incompatible, lower are its chances of success in the market. Our game testers perform rigorous tests on multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Android Tablets, mobile devices, Windows PC, Mac and gaming consoles. Games developed at 19Studios are built such that they can run smoothly on any device, irrespective of constraints such as screen resolution and operating system.

Usability and Experience Testing

A game that falters during gameplay and interrupts with the experience is remembered as a buggie software and this is definitely not desirable. In order to ensure that users receive nothing less than a seamless game experience, 19Studios games offer an optimized game experience. It is not about getting only the interface right, it is about projecting forward the usability factor of the game. This gives our games that added pinch which hits the right chords with players.

User viewpoint testing
User documentation testing

Hire Game Testers

Our Game Testing Techniques

Functionality Testing - Ensuring Quality

19Studios is a leading game testing companies in India. Functional testing at 19Studios is carried out with keen attention to perfunctory non technical aspects of the game like user interface, asset integrity and overall stability. It is done to ensure that the game is behaving as expected thereby providing it the required quality assurance.

Platform Testing - Ensuring Uniform Experience

19Studios is a top game testing company in India. It is essential that a game offer consistent experience independent of which platform it is being played on. We carry out detailed cross platform compatibility tests by running various functionalities of the game on different configurations of different platforms to test and correct them accordingly.


  • Nintendo
  • Sony
  • Microsoft

Handheld devices
Wireless devices

Mobile Testing - Ensuring Usability on Handheld Devices

Mobile devices have emerged as the most commonly and widely used gaming platform. Games that we develop are extensively tested for the smaller screen and lesser resolutions of phones to offer an ideal gaming experience. We make sure that players feel a superior thrill when playing on their mobile phones.

Localization Testing - Ensuring Consistency across locales

19Studios is offshore game testing companies in India. Be it India, France, UK, USA or any other country for that matter, our games are optimized to operate locally. We perform thorough localization testing to ensure that all game information such as text and timing are effectively translated and displayed in a manner that is local to the area it is being played in.

Load and Multiplayer Testing - Ensuring Scale and Performance

This age of inde games and mom and pop game development has given birth to a gaming addiction where multiple players engage over a network. Our game testing includes a solid load testing to sustain high traffic, maximize limits and increase thresholds. This makes our games more than capable to allow heavy multiplayer online gaming.


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