Introduction to our Design Services

In the digital space especially the internet ecosystem, it is all about presentation and presentation is all about design! At 19Studios, we posses the right mix of creative artwork and technical prowess required to design games that are unmatched in the market. Not only do we develop visually enticing and technically sound games we also promote and market them using superior design strategies such that users would but want to download and experience it for themselves!

Our Design Services

Game Production and Design

We transform concepts to experiences! Through careful planning and execution at every stage, we see that our designs reach production. Passion, skill and resources, are combined together to churn out design elements for every aspect of a game to create something that stands out as truly unique. Through a streamlined step by step approach towards game building, we attach a new age zing while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal to all our game designs.

Concept Art

We believe that if a design can be first well illustrated visually, the final product can be well designed. Our concept artists are extremely talented and possess a creative range that spans multiple disciplines. We look at all prospective designs from the user’s end and conceptualize them on paper before putting them into the final game design itself. We deliver high quality artwork while adhering closely to client requirements.

UX Design

No matter how well a designer might think a game looks, user experience is what finally decides the fate of the game. UX designers at 19Studios have a complete appreciation of this fact and strive to design more enthralling interfaces, audio boosts and other such features through elaborate mock up screens that let us gain a clear insight into what the game would look like in the future and therefore connect to the users creating an overall superior game experience.

2D and 3D Animation

Animation is what brings life to the stationary and we simply love to animate. From simple to complex, action to cute we do it all using traditional 2D as well currently high flying 3D animation tools. We hire only the best and conduct periodic rigorous training sessions to maintain highest quality of texturing, shading, animation planning, keyframe animation, lighting, rendering and all other aspects of animation.

2D Artwork & Character Design

We specialize in 2D vector artwork by levering the power of what many consider outdated and deliver eye catching results. With our special knack for character designing we create game characters that are likeable and appeal to users. Game assets, backgrounds, menus and other options are also designed in great detail as we understand that after all every small piece adds up to a great game.

3D Modeling

It is the time of 3D gaming and we can proudly say that we are great at it. We design realistic 3D environments for games and 3D characters wherever required with the help of our thorough understanding of the 3D space and 3D modelling tools like Blender, Anim8or, K3D and more. Original and splendid 3D models designed at 19Studios gives us an upper edge in the game design industry.

Other Services


The journey of a game to the end user does not end at design and development. In order to ensure that the target audience views and downloads the game it is essential that the game be promoted intelligently. Video artists at 19Studios understand what attracts users and make slick videos that are crisp, convey the essence of the game and attract users to download and play your game. Our promo videos simply cannot be missed!

PaintBallGame – 3D Multiplayer

Albert’s Number Fusion

albert See N Match Black Jak Catchy Basket2
Rally Roll PaintBall Scientific Animation Fling


Owing to their size and usage, game icons can be easily neglected and undervalued for their worth. Many a times it is a shiny image or a catchy symbol on the icon that catches the eye and makes users want to play the game. We pay great importance to this tiny facet and pick out the right combination of something catchy and meaningful about the game to create an interesting game icon.


A game needs a story, something that makes the goals meaningful and attaches an intuitive sense to the gameplay. At 19Studios we storyboard each game before beginning with digital designing and development. concept artists, graphic designers and developers, brainstorm together to come up with a sequence of drawings that resemble a story so that the goals, scenes and levels become clearer and describe what is needed.


A game soundtrack creates an immersive game experience complete in all respect. Our audio engineers spend a great amount of time working with game designers and developers to understand the sound requirements of the game, after which they embed the game with sounds effects like background music, action sounds, character voices, game narrations, spoken instructions and other ambient effects like vehicle sounds, rain or crowd noises as the requirement maybe.


We offer a holistic game design and development service at 19Studios. Not only are our game layouts, characters, stories and overall appeal very attractive, the code reliability, performance and durability are equally unparalleled. With access to industry best game design and development tools, our expert developers build games optimised for various platforms letting even mobile users experience the thrill of gaming in all its entirety.


At 19Studios, we offer to you great flexibility while giving on hire our game design services. You can hire a game designer from us on a full time, part or hourly basis depending entirely on your needs and budget. With years of experience backing our achievements, we have made a name for ourselves in the gaming industry. We have been consistently delivering outstanding designs and design strategies for game development and promotion.

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