Game Concept Design

Every game goes through a number of development stages, before making it to the screens of gamers. The first and most basic yet vital step is concept design. The job of a concept designer is to come up with concept drawings and illustrations based on input ideas. The owner then chooses from the viable concept designs and after a series of revisions, the final design is taken up to further levels of detailing.

19Studios, Bringing Your Game Alive

19Studios has earned a globally acknowledged name in game design and development. Our expert concept game design team contributes majorly towards this reputation by designing multiple concepts for minimal inputs, thus giving our clients a wider vision and higher flexibility in terms of making the right choice. Slowly as all pieces of concept design begin to fall in place, the game starts getting a shape!

 Concept Character Design

The audience engaging capability of a game is defined majorly by the characters that make it up. During the game concept design phase we maintain clear focus on creating unique likeable characters with special emphasis on its physical characteristics, emotional looks, additional gears and accessories.

 Game Scene Design

Designing the right settings in the right ambience is a crucial part of game concept designing. We take extra care to ensure that our game characters are set in the most optimal of backgrounds by ensuring that the game scene and game background sketches are in sync with the original vision.

Hire Offshore Game Concept Designing Company India

19Studios is an offshore mobile game concept designing company India. India is emerging as a prime one-stop destination for game development with an estimated game market share of nearly Rs. 2000 cr. At 19Studios, our aim is to help you stay ahead of the race. Our resource pool of skilled graphic artists and concept designers help you shape your game in a way that aligns with your business requirements as well as those of the end users. Our offshore concept game development center ensures that your receive tailor made solutions that match your budget requirements. Write to us and we shall soon assist you with designing your game. You can outsource our skilled and experienced game concept designers for your projects at very affordable price.


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