The working and operations at 19Studios are guided by a few business models. These models help our clients understand us better while enhancing our focus towards company goals and chaperoning us to deliver solutions par excellence. The engagement models are specially designed to cater our varied Global Customers to impart flexibility and transparency around the operations.

By adopting the most suitable models or their combinations, clients can enjoy a host of benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs by 50% or more
  • Reliable delivery mechanism
  • Shorter time to market
  • Diverse set of skilled professionals

  • No longer term commitments.
  • Quick and Cost Effective Prototyping of Ideas.
  • Benefit from vast domain knowledge and prior experience.
  • We ensure maximum risk mitigation for our customers.

Customer Business Model

Every project has its own requirements which is interdependent with the budget set for it. We, at 19Studios have developed a few pricing dockets and payment modes in order to put our clients and their pockets at ease.

 Time & Material

Some projects are so dynamic in nature that their scope and specification can only be defined as the project executes. For such projects, we have developed the a billing method based on hourly, weekly or monthly monitoring. A cost effective payment method, it imparts great flexibility in terms of the amount of money spent in return of the amount of work done.

 Fixed Price

Through detailed meetings with all shareholders, we evaluate project requirements thoroughly and present a final cost which is to be borne before the commencement of project. We allow a certain level of flexibility in terms of requirements and any extra expenses faced during the project are absorbed by us. The aim here is maximum risk mitigation by a detailed prior analysis.

 Risk Sharing

Sometimes, clients cannot afford the risk of outsourcing the entire project all at once. In such cases, we offer a risk sharing model where clients only bear the initial cost to cost which is a non profit minimal charge. After acquiring a certain pre-decided milestone, we start the normal billing process ensuring maximum risk mitigation.

 Staff Augmentation

We actively staff projects in the locations preferred by our clients. We aim at accomplishing business objectives by letting you concentrate on vital aspects of the project. To do this, we send few of our experts to sit alongside you and help you get the crucial work done while we take care of everything else remotely. This promotes better project management and allows you a greater control over the important aspects of the project.

 Co-Product Development

Apart from taking a whole and sole responsibility for the development of products, we also offer another Model of development, called co-product development for customers from development backgrounds. We work together with developers from the client’s team to build exquisite products. We achieve consonance in development either by sending our employees to their onshore offices or through our effective communication system, as preferred by the client.

 Bill Operate Transfer

Bill Operate Transfer popularly known as the BOT model is rising as one of the most preferred models of engagement for foreign clients who want to establish themselves in India. We gather together a team, train them and make them conversant with the clients work requirements. Once a smooth team management and reduced cultural differences are established, clients are ready to take over the ownership of the team.

 Customer Relationship

Transparency and commitment together are the building blocks of our customer relationships. Years of experience and association with a global clientele has taught us that the basic essence of a long term trustworthy business relationship remains unchanged with clients hailing from any part of the world. In order to strengthen our customer bonds we concentrate on:

 Dedicated Business Analyst

Clients often seek advices and look for ideas for their products from experienced professionals. Our business analysis team does just that. We weigh client requirements against detailed market researches to see what latest technology or fad feature would gel smoothly with the product idea. We leverage our analysis skills to ensure that our clients receive nothing ordinary.

Support Services

We provide extended support and maintenance services to our clients after the completion and delivery of projects. Our support team is very well prepared to handle live issues, developing quick solutions and providing immediate ad-hoc fixes. Our clients can sit back and relax while we take all measures to keep their system up and running consistently after deployment.

 IP Protection

Client privacy of utmost importance to us. We enforce a stringent NDA with our clients thereby safeguarding them against any sort of information leaks. All our inbound and outbound mails are also scrutinized to make sure valuable client privacy is not compromised in anyway.