What is Ember.js

Ember.js is a client-side JavaScript web application framework. It is an open source community driven platform that is based on the model-view-controller software architecture. It incorporates best practices and commonly used

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idioms to allow development of fluid single-page applications. Other important features are a rich object model, computed properties, declarative two-way data binding, ORM facilities, Handlebars.js powered automatically-updating templates and an application management router.

19Studios for you EmberJS Development

We at 19Studios have immense experience in various scripting languages such as JavaScript, CSS, Ember.js, angularJS and jQuery mobile that are used to develop web applications and websites with greater scalability and user friendliness. Our expertise in a variety of

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technologies allows us to exhibit great control over all features of Ember.js and create web pages which possess the magic of a lasting first impression.

Less Code

With Ember.js, developers at 19Studios create outstanding web applications while writing dramatically reduced amount of code. Ember’s Handlebars integrated templates undergo automatic updates when the underlying data is altered which reduces the overall weight of

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the code itself.

Less Time

EmberJS has managed to cleverly integrate common idioms and best coding practices under a single umbrella. Not only does it make the programing easier but also saves you crucial time. So we are not wasting time in making trivial business choices but are instead focusing on what makes your app standout.

Higher Productivity

EmberJS developers at 19Studios excel in creating single page interfaces (SPI), web applications that function with the fluidity and scalability of desktop applications, ll with the power of Ember.js. Our Ember based websites and web applications are built to offer higher levels of productivity. We leverage the developer friendliness of EmberJS to build APIs that are fast, deliver lucid data, are easy to operate and therefore conjure up an unmatched level of productivity.

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If you have a great idea for a mobile app or are looking for a skilled and experienced mobile application developer or Unity 3D game developer, contact 19Studios today for a free quote. Just email contact@19studios.com or call +91-124-4278595.

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Hire Offshore Ember.JS Development Company India

19Studios is an offshore EmberJS developmnet company India. We have incubated a strong development muscle for the creation of web applications, over the past years. Ember.js is tightly coupled with a lot of other technologies that make up the web today, which only gives us the additional advantage of claiming an industry rich exposure in Ember JS development. When the time comes to migrate from HTML to Canvas, or any other technology, no other web fronted technology does it better than Ember.js framework and no one does it better than us. What we bring to the table is a clean and consistent application development model using the power of Ember.js letting us create our own “component”, “template views” that are easy to understand, create and update. For your Ember.js based web application, we welcome you to write 19Studios, one of the leading companies in India creating web applications in Ember.js. You can outsource our Ember.JS developer for your web projects at very affordable price.

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