19Studios focuses on Cross Platform Mobile App Development Friendliness

Enterprise business owners, gaming companies and even small standalone units have desire thing in common when it comes to a mobile presence; omnipresent interactivity. The need of the day is cross platform compatibility. There is no denying this necessity and we at 19Studios take all possible measures to abide by it. There is a notion, and not without reason that hybrid mobile applications are in inferior in quality than native apps. This is due to the fact that such apps cannot access native features of the device and are also less responsive. But at 19Studios we have found a viable work around. Robust unified codes, written once are wrapped in native containers to

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create superior hybrid apps. So along with being cross platform friendly, our hybrid mobile applications and games look and feel exactly like any other native application.

Our expertise

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript Development

19Studios has been involved in HTML5 development right from the time when its only application was in website development. Our expertise in CSS and Javascript further increases our hold in the mobile web platform. We build mobile applications and games using HTML5 and HTML5 based frameworks with superior backend interactivity and an appealing visual interface.

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Cross Mobile Development

Cross Mobile App Development

PhoneGap Development

“Build once, run everywhere” is the basic formula on which PhoneGap works. We have a very strong web development foundation using which we build PhoneGap mobile applications using standardized web APIs. We wrap your native applications with PhoneGap such that the same code base can be consistently shared and deployed across multiple devices.

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SenchaTouch Development

Sencha imparts life to mobile web apps. Sencha Touch developers at 19Studios have built a number of mobile web applications that replicate native apps only with a more flexible, smooth and responsive touch technology. We have worked on a range of UI widgets, layouts and even third party integration like with Phonegap in order to build stunning Sencha touch apps.

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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

JQuery Mobile Development

Built on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework, jQuery Mobile is a web application framework used for all popular mobile devices. Our expertise in HTML5, leverages us to provide touch optimized inputs using jQuery mobile. We build cross platform compatible apps on jQuery Mobile, which allows developers to write a single code and run it on different mobile devices.

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AngularJS Development

Angular JS follows a Model View Controller pattern to allow development of mobile applications easily and quickly. It is essentially a Javascript framework by Google that majorly targets the development of browser based applications. We develop web and mobile applications with the help of Angular JS, that are easy to test, maintain and extend so as to include additional features.

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Cross Mobile Development Company


Xamarin Development

Xamarin is an extremely

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potent cross platform application development platform. 19Studios, with an already existing set of skilled mobile app developers in technologies such as C# , Objective C, VB and the .NET Framework, leverage the power of Xamarin to build native as well as hybrid apps. We build apps that are cross compatible on iOS, Android, Mac as well as Windows, all with a single code base.

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How you can decide

Native apps, hybrid apps, web apps

Ever since mobile applications became an inevitable part of a business, the debate between native apps, hybrid apps and web apps has been in play. Obviously it depends entirely on the short term and long term objectives of your business but we have put together a few facts to help you make the right choice because in the realm of things, it helps to remember a few basic differences.

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Cross platform compatibility, the need

Gone are those days when the mobile world was controlled by the monopoly of one or two major vendors. The coming of smart phones has changed all of that. Today there are a number of mobile manufacturing companies with different operating systems. The mobile user has a choice between dozens of phones that fall within his liking and budget. For a mobile application or game to be available to all users out there, it will obviously be quite a costly affair to natively develop them. This is where cross platform compatibility comes into picture, coming off as a cogent cost effective solution.