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HTML5 is the language of web based games and the mobile world’s newest obsession with cross platform compatible games has elevated it to a favourite for mobile games as well. Construct 2 is a powerful yet lightweight zero coding HTML5 game development framework. It has something for everyone, be it a beginner at game development or someone experienced. With Construct 2 it is not about how good the code is, it is about knowing your game design well and adding a polished finish to it.

 Construct 2 for hobbyists

Construct 2 is a fairly simple to learn and easy to use development platform. It allows even game development enthusiasts to construct beautiful games using the powerful drag and drop feature. So all it takes is knowing your game design rather than spending time in heavy coding. By assigning appropriate events and setting right conditions, your HTML5 game can come alive.

 Construct 2 for professionals

Once your game is created, the next step is to see how it looks, which entails a compile time to reflect all the changes that you have made. With construct 2, this wait gets eliminated as the game can be previewed instantly. So with a little working knowledge of Construct 2, game development professionals can save immense amount of prototype generation and testing time.

19Studios for your Construct 2 games

 Construct 2 Game development at 19Studios

19Studios is a keenly involved participant in the mobile game development space. We have built a number of games for various purposes using a variety of development tools. Our experience and expertise in game development has empowered us to become extremely comfortable with Construct 2 within no time. So your games are cross platform friendly owing to HTML5 but our Construct 2 experience lets us take full advantage of this functionally rich game development framework to build amazing 2D games that create a lasting impact on user. We make sure your games are at par if not better than natively developed games with the added power of being available to everyone everywheres.

Our Construct 2 highlights

Quick delivery

Visually stunning games

Multiplatform compatible

Construct 2 plugin development

 Quick delivery

Game development with Construct 2 helps us save immense amount of time and effort. It has a few very helpful features like the easy drag and drop which allows quick assigning of events, a built in image editor to make quick edits to graphics and instant preview option. With Construct 2, we snip down the development and delivery time from a matter of few months to as less as a few days.

 Visually stunning

Construct 2 offers over 70 shader effects to add to your game. Our Construct 2 developers push your games from good to great by imparting various effects like blend, blur, warp, distort, mask, re-color and much more. For smaller images like smoke, debris and water, we use C2’s particle plugin feature which treats them as independent objects and adds stunning effects to the game.

Multiplatform compatible

Obviously since Construct 2 is build on an HTML5 based engine, you don’t have to worry about building your game for different platforms. We understand client requirements for the game and focus on getting the design right. Once the game is ready, we simply export it to all major platforms both over the web and mobile. The latter is achieved by using wrappers like Phonegap with built in support.

 Construct 2 Plugins

Construct 2 comes with over 20 built in plugins for allowing the creation of gorgeous 2D games. Being power users, many a times we need to display text and sprites, manipulate data and storage, add sound and particle movement, beyond what existing plugins allow. Our expertise in Javascript lets us build our very own plugins and behaviors using C2’s fully documented Javascript SDK.

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Over the years, 19Studios has created for itself a reputable recognition in game development. We have built outstanding 2D games in the past using Construct, which has only made its successor, Construct 2 an easy platform for us to learn. We can proudly say that building games on construct 2 is something we excel at. To know more about our hiring models..

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