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Our Clients

Customer focus is the epicentre of all endeavours taken up at 19Studios. Regardless of how big or small the project is, we strive to create an unforgettable experience for our clients. We maintain certain core values and follow certain guidelines which we have developed over time, with our gradual experience of having worked with a number of clients, independent as well as enterprise. Our global customer footprint has allowed us to interact with clients hailing from different cultural backgrounds. We have learnt that irrespective of the differences among our customers in terms of location, requirements and budget, the basic elements that bind them to us are selfsame.

Focus on Core Competencies

Allocating specific information technology driven jobs to specialist third party service providers, known as outsourcing has become a popular concept today. Although it has been in existence since a long time, the current level of competition in the market has changed the face of how businesses function. The focus has essentially shifted towards concentrating on core processes such as production, mergers, business expansions while specific technical business procedures are taken care of by cost effective third party vendors.

Cost Benefits

At 19Studios we model a global customer footprint. The fact that we have a rich resource pool based out of India allows clients to gain fruitful cost and efficiency benefits as per demands. As a developing economy, the cost of operation incurred in India is much lower for the same job done in their country thus giving them great control over price without compromise on quality. It is more like a “Just In Time” hiring strategy where clients save immensely on money, time, infrastructure, effort and most importantly manpower.

Skilled Labour

Apart from cost cutting benefits, outsourcing to 19Studios also offers access to skilled expertise that spans multiple domains and diverse industry verticals. Expertise that stems from India’s acknowledged quality of education. We strive to always deliver an unmatched proficiency and quality service. Outsourcing to us also ensures clients of receiving a “can do“ attitude as this makes them the customer and irrespective of which part of the world they hail from, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to sustain a loyal business relationship.

Risk Mitigation

Any system, dependent or independent is exposed to the risk or either failure or bugs. We take extreme precaution to bring down threat levels by intercepting issues even before they loom over the system and try to either reduce, block or eliminate the probable complications. Our risk mitigation team explore high risk items and design robust risk response tactics. The aim is to not only reduce risks but also enhance the overall effectiveness of the

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system by capturing opportunities.

Time zone advantage

Another crucial benefit that our location offers to clients is the difference in time zones. We effectively use this to our clients’ advantage by acting when they close for the day and delivering by the time they wake up next morning. This is essentially a very profitable benefit for clients at major time differences, giving them a practically round the clock support.

Hiring with us

We adopt a highly flexible hiring method keeping in mind the business needs of our clients. Depending on requirements, you can hire a single developer or even a team of designers and developers to take up your project. Our hiring plans range from a few weeks to as long as a few years, empowering you with a number of choices such that you arrive at a plan that suits best your budget and needs. Please visit our Engagement Models page to get a deeper know how about hiring.

At 19Studios we don’t just run a business process, we nourish it to ensure an ongoing reliable performance. Our industry exposure and a knack to be top notch coupled with our location in India puts us in a position that allows clients to effectively reap the benefits of strategic outsourcing.
19Studios, a trusted vendor with a global footprint is your preferred choice for an ideal business partner.