What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the next big thing!
We see the world as it is in its most natural form. What augmented reality does is that it adds enhancements to certain elements like sound, picture, motion and GPS data to make the view more attractive and informative. It lies in the spectrum between virtual reality and reality blurring the line that distinguishes what is computer generated from what is real by enhancing the users’ senses. Conventionally in real-time, augmented reality presents a modified view of reality by augmenting the elements in context with the environment. With the help of augmented reality technology, users find themselves in the midst of a digitally manipulable, highly interactive surrounding that can be overlaid onto the real world.

Augmented Reality Development

Augmented reality came into being with the evolution of video games but today, its development is being driven more by smart phones and tablets than anything else. It is expected to bring about a similar revolution to the mobile world as did the touch phones. Businesses are continuously trying to incorporate this concept in their products and at 19Studios we are already assimilating this concept as much as possible by assessing client requirements and developing the most viable augmented reality solutions. We build mobile applications with augmented features using native device features. Our augmented reality developers have the freedom to extend their vision till their limits allow and offer improved usability.

Usage of Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality, visions that were seen as dreams can now becoming a reality. It has opened up the scope for limitless possibilities in games, sports, education, engineering and medicine and more. As hardware is becoming more and more technology efficient it is becoming easier for developers to create immersive, rich augmented reality experiences. Games feel more realistic and applications are more captivating. it finds applications in industrial maintenance, training, education, location based services and much more, boosting conversion rates by inspiring emotion in customer-business relationships. Product communication and brand recognition is bolstered with effective AR techniques allowing businesses to enjoy increased market share.

Types of Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality on Maps

Geolocation and geospatial mapping find one of the most useful and attractive uses for augmented reality. Points of interest in the map can be overlaid with additional data like pictures, twitter information and facilities. Apart from the points being navigated to, maps can have augmented information about other details like nearby parking spots, pictures that have been taken around the place and much more in order to give mapping more intuitive feel.

AR using Image Recognition

When augmented reality is coupled with image recognition, users of the internet can access information much faster and experience a much more attractive presentation. Images like QR codes activate printed materials, like magazines, newspapers and other printed products to provide valuable information simply by viewing it through a supporting device. Simple pictures instead of keyboard inputs trigger digital content experiences that are customized to match specific needs.

Games based on Augmented Reality

Technical illusions lead to captivating resourcefulness. We build our games strictly adhering to this thought. Augmented reality added to gaming has taken the definition of gaming itself to another level. Our games sprinkle a pinch of reality by augmenting certain elements like modified sound, 3D addons, haptic feedback and much more to create that magical experience which augmented reality is all about. 19Studios is an offshore Augmented Reality development company in India.

Augmented Reality Applications

Hosted Augmented Reality

For images and objects that are scanned real time, any related information needs to be first available at some place. At 19Studios we host all your valuable information on a server such that

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when your customers scan or view your product, image, office building or anything else that you would expect to be viewed by them, valuable information is immediately made available to them. The server where this data is stored, responds by providing important information.

Augmented Reality Apps Features

At 19Studios, we know how to convert your augmented reality projects into creative workshops. We specialize in generating a variety of augmented reality features in what we build. For popular iOS and Android platforms we add augmented 2-D or 3-D effects, videos in 3-D space, map navigation, branding creativity, social sharing, mobile integration, animation, custom AR effects, AR hosting and also E-commerce integration.

Toolkits for Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a concept that takes skill, finesse and a creative mind to bring life into games and applications. Our highly experienced and able team of augmented reality developers have immense expertise in most popular and widely used SDKs like Vuforia, Layar, ARToolKit, NyARToolkit, LinceoVR, HandyAR, FLARToolKit, AR-media, Google plugins, SketchUp, Junaio and Wikitude.

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